We are are keen to understand your priorities for the site and gain feedback on our draft masterplan.

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We will also be holding two in person drop-in events on the following dates. This will be a chance to learn more and speak to the team.


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We have prepared some material below to share our draft masterplan with you. You can view our proposals by using the arrows to scroll through the document below. Let us know what you think by completing our feedback form at the end of this page.

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You can view our initial design proposals, presented earlier this year by clicking here.


As with all our St William sites, our approach to the Kensal Gasworks site starts with the landscape. We find that adopting a landscape-first approach is the most successful way to open up and reconnect places that have been closed to the public for decades.

St William’s aspiration is for Kensal Gasworks to become an extension of its surrounding green infrastructure, including Kensal Green Cemetery and the Grand Union Canal.

The development seeks to maximise the amount of high-quality open space alongside new homes, with a new publicly accessible park at its heart, open to the community at all times.

The need for a high-quality green space was a key part of the feedback received so far.

The landscaping will be carefully developed to ensure that it is ecologically-rich and improves biodiversity on the site.


St William is working closely with neighbouring landowners and in particular, Ballymore and Sainsbury’s, who own the land adjacent to Kensal Gasworks and are also bringing forward their site for redevelopment.

An overall masterplan will be designed to ensure a comprehensive approach and that community benefits can be maximised.

You can view Ballymore and Sainsbury’s consultation website here.


The development will contribute to the borough’s housing needs and will deliver in the region of 650 – 750 new high-quality homes,  including an aspiration for 35% affordable housing.

St William will work closely with the Council to agree the appropriate mix and size of the new homes to meet local need.


Kensal Gasworks will provide new routes through and within the site, west to Old Oak Common and east towards Ladbroke Grove.

We know that traffic congestion is a concern locally and the development will prioritise routes for pedestrians and cyclists.

Working closely with local stakeholders, we are also exploring opportunities for new linkages to the north including a new pedestrian bridge across the canal to Kensal Green Cemetery.


The heights of the building will vary across the site and respond to the historic, existing and emerging local context.

St William are proposing a tall building to mark the western end of the Opportunity Area and signpost the canal path route towards Old Oak Common, as well as potential future bridge connections north.

Including a tall building will free up space at ground, enabling us to maximise the amount and quality of public realm that can be delivered, as well as other public benefits such as affordable housing and local infrastructure.


We are proposing a new park at the heart of the development, along with significant public realm improvements including opening up access to the Grand Union Canal and a Canalside Square, as well as providing small commercial uses such as a café. 

St William would also provide financial contributions determined in partnership with the Council through a Section 106 agreement. These will contribute towards local services such as education, health, and transport to help support the regeneration of the wider area.


St William is a responsible developer and strongly committed to creating sustainable places to live, work and enjoy. We seek to maximise the benefits our activities will bring to create a positive impact for surrounding communities.

Our approach to meeting sustainability standards on site will be exemplary. St William is part of the Berkeley Group, which is proud to have been named Sustainable Housebuilder of the Year at the Housebuilder Awards for the last two years, and is among the first businesses globally to adopt Science-Based Targets to align with the international effort to limit global warming to 1.5 C above pre-industrial levels.

Our approach will also include making use of prefabricated elements and minimising construction waste. Across all of our sites we divert 95% of construction waste from landfill.

We will work hard to ensure that our proposals positively impact the biodiversity of the site and its surroundings, maximising the development’s biodiversity net gain and urban greening factor.

As part of the planning process we will also produce a Sustainability Statement that will focus on our approach in more detail.


We are keen to hear your thoughts on the initial design proposals for the Gasworks site. 

Please let us know your thoughts by filling in the feedback form online here.

You can also download a printable copy of the feedback form here.