Kensal Gasworks is bound by the Grand Union Canal to the north and the Great Western Main Line railway to the south. Beyond the Grand Union Canal lies Kensal Green Cemetery. There is currently no access to the Cemetery from the site or canal path.

The land east, west and south of the site is also part of the Kensal Canalside Opportunity Area. The land immediately east used to be a part of the Gasworks and is owned by Ballymore.

Beyond this is the Sainsbury’s Superstore and petrol station. All of this area is proposed to be redeveloped.

The land to the west is owned by Cadent, a gas operator. This land is used for operational gas equipment which needs to be retained into the future.

Aerial view of the St William site outlined in white

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Views from different locations looking towards the existing site


St William is working closely with neighbouring landowners and in particular, Ballymore and Sainsbury’s, who own the land adjacent to Kensal Gasworks and are also bringing forward their site for redevelopment.

An initial overall masterplan has been developed together to ensure a comprehensive approach and to maximise community benefits.

You can view Ballymore and Sainsbury’s consultation website here.

As our consultation process progresses, the two teams will share community feedback to ensure the best possible development is brought forward.

Land ownership plan (PFS = Petrol Filling Station)


Kensal Gasworks was originally land owned by Sir George Talbot before it was bought by the Western Gas Company in 1845.

The gasworks, constructed under the supervision of the engineer George Holdsworthy Palmer, supplied gas to St Pancras, Marylebone, Bloomsbury, Hampstead, Paddington and Chelsea.

The site was bought by the Gas Light and Coke Company in 1872 and by 1896 the gasworks occupied all of the land to the west of Ladbroke Grove between the railway and the canal.

The gasworks closed in 1970. As with many gasworks across the UK, technological changes in the storage of gas to underground mains resulted in gasholders being made redundant, providing the opportunity for the site to be redeveloped and opened up to the public again.

The gasholders have consent for their removal from the site. This process is underway and will continue over the next few months.

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